The Roles and Responsibilities of Immigration Attorneys

Important Legal Services That Immigration Attorneys Provide To Clients

The laws surrounding emigrating to and staying in this country can be subject to random changes. The ones that were in effect just months ago can quickly change or be eliminated, leaving immigrants confused about what is expected of them.

Instead of trying to figure out these laws for yourself, you need to hire a lawyer who can keep track of and explain the laws to you. You can take advantage of some of the services that immigration attorneys typically provide to their clients.

Renewing Your Green Card

When you came into the country, you might have been issued a green card to work, go to school and otherwise live here legally. However, that visa came with an expiration date, one that you may find is quickly approaching.

Instead of allowing this date to approach without taking any action, you need to figure out how to get your green card renewed. Rather than trying to navigate the renewal process on your own, you can hire one of the immigration attorneys in your area to assist you.

Your lawyer can initiate the renewal process by filling out the paperwork needed to extend your stay in the country. He or she can also represent you in any legal hearings that you need to appear in before your visa can be renewed. You avoid having to appear in court alone or filling out complicated paperwork that you may not entirely understand.

Gaining Legal Status

If you are here illegally, you need to explore what options are available to you to gain legal status. Illegal immigrants are subject to deportation without a moment's notice. You might be forced to leave the country with the risk of not being allowed re-entry in the future.

To avoid deportation for being here illegally, you can hire one of your local immigration attorneys to help you gain legal status. Your lawyer can find out that certain pathways are available to help you gain a lawful visa and prevent you from being sent back home.

Finally, immigration attorneys argue for clients who are already subject to deportation orders. Your lawyer can tell the court why you should not be deported and allowed to remain in the country.

Immigration attorneys provide valuable services to people who are here from other countries. Your lawyer can help you renew your visa, find a pathway for legal status, and argue against your potential deportation.